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      There are many games on the Internet. What makes our product special is that these are word games. The Study Master 5OOO collection of word games makes word learning fun. You can learn foreign languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. The collection forces the user to think about the same words over and over. After some time, the person becomes aware of repeating words, and as result learns them. Usually it takes around a week to remember 5 words, as a complete start. after a month you would remember 25 words, and amazingly well. You can say that you know around 40 words after two or three months.

      Well, after learning the initial 40 words in a language, you will want to learn a different set of words. And you can learn prefixes, endings, and roots just as easily. Guess this program is great for learning grammar. But don't be confused... Find a popular word list on the internet, and import it in the program. You will immediately see that you can learn additional vocabulary with interest. If you keep reviewing your words periodically, We can guarantee that you will learn what you want. After six months you will start seeing words that you know in a foreign language.

      Usually it takes around 4 years to start talking or understanding basic words in languages such as Spanish. It takes 8 years to fully master all grammar and speak it at a comfortable level. So this product is a competing study aid that can help you learn needed grammar in this amount of time. But don't rely solely on Study Master 5OOO, review the words on a regular basis, when not in front of the computer. The program only offers a starting point, and sparks the interest for a language. Once you add words to your review list, you will come back to them, see them in different situations, and you will want to learn that language.

      This is a great tool for studying words. You will love the results within the first day! It is one of those games that you will want to keep on coming back to, and as an added bonus, you will learn what you want. This is not just a game, you learn a language while playing it.

Other notes...

      Try to make interesting lists. For example exact rules that you would want to know, because you will always come back to them. In Spanish you would want to make a list of exceptions to come back to. We would recommend you to use Student1OO program for studying verbs in Spanish. If you use the Study Master 5OOO program, make word lists intelligently, emphasize on points that need reiteration.
      For English, use popular word lists, like SAT, or GRE. You would use the game's Editor feature to find the words that you need to look at. Usually people know all of the words, and just need to find the ones that they don't know. You can use the Game tab in the Editor database to filter the words and put them in the right word lists. After that you will just look at the word lists and comfortably review what you want. Well, we can also recommend studying synonyms, if you are an ESL student.

      Talking about technical details. You can have the word lists in an Access Database, or Text files. We provided an Editor program in the Game for managing the word lists and data bases.

      After installing, there will be a shortcut on your desktop. Access Database Run-time is also provided with the program (it's 60 Megabytes). You would need to install it from inside the program, when in the Editor program. There will be a button on the right, saying, "Access...". Click it, and you will install the run-time needed for the database capability. Otherwise, you just start with text files only. After installing Access, close Editor, and open it again. You will see databases listing.

      If you liked the program, post a comment in the blog section. 2016 Video -- shows how the program works, please look at it, as well.

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      Program consists of 10 sub-programs

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